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P sustainability at ICOSSE 2010 in Tucson

January 12, 2011

I was lucky to be invited to give a talk on various aspects of the P sustainability challenge in a session on Sustainable Management of Natural Resources at the International Congress on Sustainability Science and Engineering (ICOSSE), which was conveniently held just down the road in Tucson (link).  The session was put together by Bruce Hamilton, NSF and Mary Poulton, University of Arizona.  The talk went well, I think, and I was pleased to be part of a very engaging and coherent session that included a really nice talk by Tom Graedel (Yale; a seminal figure in “industrial ecology”) on integrated material flow analyses for several metals across multiple national economies.  His analysis showed that if a country disproportionately uses more of one industrial metal (per capita), it tends to use ALL of them more.  (And vice versa.)   There was also an engaging talk about rare earth metals and new developments in bringing dormant domestic US supplies into production.  All in all, a nice meeting at a really nice location.

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