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Sustainable P Summit closes, calls for a “new alchemy”.

February 8, 2011

Been a little quiet here, buried under the preparations and then activities of the Sustainable P Summit last week.  I suppose I should follow Andy Revkin’s example, as he was blogging on stage during our panel discussion (I think;  he was at least tweeting) !

Much will be coming soon but below are some highlights.

  • The participants arrived successfully at a consensus document (The Phoenix Phosphorus Statement) that will be released publicly soon via a press release.  We call for a “new alchemy” in which wastes become resources, pollution becomes production, and uncertainty becomes security, all by closing the human P cycle.
  • The Global Phosphorus Network was officially launched by Dr Dana Cordell on the final evening of the event.   All hands on deck!
  • Several working groups labored feverishly and arrived at plans and outlines for their contributions to a book to be produced by Ben Norton Publishers.
  • We had a fabulous art exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden.  Best in show was won by Angela Cazel Jahn and her team for the piece “Our Floating Days”  Congratulations Angela!
  • Jim Elser and Phil Haygarth are embarked on an online video competition to see who can get the most views on YouTube for their short video pieces produced during the final evening.  Check Jim’s video at:
  • Finally, this blog will soon become part of the communication strategy of the Global P Network and will soon feature guest bloggers, experts from around the world on issues of P, farming, and fertilizer.  So, more soon!
  • Panelists Dan Childers, Dana Cordell, Ben Chaffin, Kathy Kling, and Andy Revkin discuss the many dimensions of P sustainability on Day One.

    Preliminary sketch of Angela Cazel Jahn’s piece “Our Floating Days” The piece will be reinstalled, in a new and transformed form, at the Step Gallery with the rest of the Phosphorus Art; exhibit opens 14 Feb (

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