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“Conflict Exposes Need for Phosphate Independence” Investors looking at P futures?

April 28, 2011

An interview with investor Brian Ostroff appears in the right-leaning news site “Right Side News” (link) and highlights political uncertainties in north Africa and the under-appreciated importance of phosphate as a possible investment opportunity.  Certainly such advice needs to be examined with great care but it is interesting to note in the interview his view that investors have already considered investment angles on potash (potassium), which has a broader range of supply sources, while P is still under the radar.  It’s also interesting to note the geological / geochemical subtleties influencing his investment view:  he notes that sedimentary P deposits often carry significant contaminants (and thus need a fair amount of expensive “cleaning up”) while igneous P deposits, though lower in P content, have lower contaminant levels and can therefore be more attractive for exploitation.

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