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The evolving P situation in Morocco

December 11, 2012

A new article in Potash Investing News provides some updates (LINK) on the situation in Morocco, the country now in the “driver’s seat” of the global P enterprise.

Most notable is that Morocco is investing to shift from being only a supplier of raw materials (phosphate rock) to a producer and supplier of fertilizer-ready P.   This seems like a good thing, as the people of Morocco will benefit from “adding value” to the natural resources extracted in their own country.  The article also makes clear that many machinations are underway as different countries and different companies position themselves to adjust to the new approaches that Morocco is taking with its P industry.  Certainly this has huge implications for various fertilizer companies, who may no longer have access to raw materials for producing P fertilizer components on their own.  Instead, they’ll need to procure the upgrade P fertilizer components (superphosphate, phosphoric acid, etc) from Moroccan enterprises and then produce final NPK type products.   Sure seems like the game is changing!    At least one investment counselor seems to be following such things closely (LINK).  Not to mention (but here I mention) another round of concern about phosphate expressed by investment guru Jeremy Grantham (LINK and LINK).

Of course, an alternative for such companies would be to identify and develop non-Morrocan sources of P.  Some of these, of course, are “in the ground” but perhaps it will start to become viable to look at “alternative” sources of P for fertilizer, such as from food “waste”, animal “waste”, and human “waste”?  But when?


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